January 10, 2009

the johns: D-U-M-B EP

the johns: D-U-M-B EP

When the johns from NYC released their Wanna Dance in 2007 they were just another band of hopefuls looking for gig (and getting them).

With their new four track D-U-M-B EP they are taking baby steps, but they might get somewhere. Musically more adventurous than the brain dead high school rock of their previous effort, they might catch the attention of the geeks looking bored at the back of the hall. The dancers can still jump and down and get lost in the groove. O, and let's spell "f*ck" as "fuck"" next time, shall we?

  1. Punch My Face
  2. D-U-M-B
  3. Unplug
  4. F*cking Happy

» thejohnsnyc.com
» myspace.com/thejohnsnyc

HCTF review of Wanna Dance.

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