January 29, 2009

The Educated Guess: West Skyline Drive

Composing a rock oratorio is no slight task. Charlie Brumley, leader of St. Louis band The Educated Guess goes all the way on his latest effort dubbed West Skyline Drive. Dividing his musical story in two parts - "The Sunrise" and "Gateway Calling", he tells the story of the pioneers moving west in 19th Century America and the imminent Civil War.

For this album the band teamed with The Emperor Norton Orchestra who provided brass and choral alot and bass. It's a big concept, and they have troubles at times to focus and there are a few transitions that could have been smoother to keep the flow going. It is obviously inspired musically by albums like Quadrophenia and Odessey and Oracle. The arrangements are handled with care and once you get used to Brumley's limited nasal twang you get sucked into the story.

The Educated Guess:
Anthony Baumann: violin
Charlie Brumley: piano, vocals
Brian Pincus: drums
Jordan Rogers: guitar
Jon Venegoni: bass

The Educated Guess: West Skyline Drive

West Skyline Drive is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.


I: The Sunrise
  1. 1862 Overture
  2. Bullets
  3. The Ballad of Enough
  4. Into Dust
  5. Hero Complex
  6. Friend From Foe
II: Gateway Calling
  1. Antebellum
  2. Lullaby No. 1 (Sunset)
  3. A Coward's Last Stand
  4. Native Son
  5. Ghosts and Empty Cities
  6. The Ballad of Return

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