January 22, 2009

The D'Urbervilles: We Are The Hunters

Canadian band The D’Urbervilles are taking their post-rock down South to SXSW in March. Their debut album We Are The Hunters picked up decent reviews in their homeland. It's a collection of dark danceable songs, leaning heavily on keyboards, underscored by rumbling bass lines and new wave meets hard rock guitar.

Naming themselves after the Thomas Hardy novel Tess of d'Ubervilles (later turned into a horrible movie featuring Meryl Streep) they refuse to be pigeonholed as yet another cool indie band. Singing about politics and poisonous plants puts them firmly outside the mainstream.

The D'Urbervilles: We Are The Hunters

The D'Urbervilles:
Jim Bruton: guitar, synth
Kyle Donnelly: bass
John O'Regan: vocals, guitar, synth
Greg Santilly: drums

We Are The Hunters is released on Out Of This Spark.

  1. Knock Out the Fat
  2. We Are the Hunters
  3. Dragnet
  4. Hot Tips
  5. This is the Life
  6. The Receiver
  7. Spin the Bottle
  8. National Flowers
  9. Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade
Live dates:
  • 02/07 Hillside Inside, Guelph, ON
  • 02/27 Gordon Best Theatre (w/ The Magic, Green Go), Peterborough, ON
  • 02/28 Starlight (w/ Bocce, Green Go), Waterloo, ON

» myspace.com/thedurbervilles

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