January 11, 2009

Dylan Connor: Breakaway Republic

Singer-songwriter Dylan Connor from Bridgeport, Connecticut, has released a full length which would have been a lot better if he had cut ti down to an EP. Breakaway Republic suffers from tiresome power ballads (Silver Food, Come Swim) that have been done zillions times before. That's too bad, because he is OK when decides to go country (Blood Like Fire) of pop (Breakaway and Burn). Two tracks stand out: Pave Me, with nice rhythm shifts, and I Want Everybody To Know, with a nice melody made out of the Crowded House mold. Make it real and get rid of the late night around-the-campfire crappy guitar tunes he possibly dreamed up while hanging around at the Burning Man Festival.

Dylan Connor: Breakaway Republic

Breakaway Republic is a self-released album. Release date: January 20th.

  1. Breakaway and Burn
  2. Stunning Insights
  3. Blood Like Fire
  4. Silver Food
  5. What's New
  6. I Want Everybody To Know
  7. Don't Let Me Wash Away
  8. Had A Little Dream
  9. Pave Me
  10. Come Swim
  11. Sound Wave Surfer
Live dates:
  • 01/16 Bridgeport, CT @ The Field
  • 01/17 Philadelphia, PA @ Secret House Party
  • 01/30 Brooklyn, NY @ Bar 4 – free show!
  • 02/18 Philadelphia, PA @ O.N.E.

» dylanconnor.com
» myspace.com/dylanconnor

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