January 02, 2009

Broke Down Turntable: Ask A Policeman

Quick. Name a band from the Isle of Man. Situated in the Irish Sea between Eire and the UK the island is mostly know for its furry mouse eating creatures with missing tails and a circuit for motor racing. Broke Down Turntable hopes to prove to the world that quirky pop music can be added to this rather short list. Their album Ask A Policeman is so lo-fi that you could have recorded it your self. Listening to the tracks makes you feel like you have been strapped on the buddy seat of a not particularly well maintained motorbike. Even the smoother songs are bumpy and you seem to hitting every discarded bottle that was thrown out of a car.

Broke Down Turntable is trio consisting of Mike Seed and the married couple Simon Pott and Elizabeth Pott. Fun comes howling from your speakers with all out noisy tracks like Mr Chiseljaw. They have a soft spot too, with the almost tender Clean White Sheets. Hit shuffle and the album might start with Me Versus The King, a song that could have been dreamed up by a very drunk Ian Anderson. Manc madness? Let's settle for guerrilla folk.

Broke Down Turntable: Ask A Policeman

Ask A Policeman is released on SVC Records.

  1. Wolves On The Line
  2. Me Versus The King
  3. Clean White Sheets
  4. Badminton Club
  5. Mr Chiseljaw
  6. The Exorcism Of Dark Mikey
  7. The Swallow King
  8. My Preserves
  9. Let It In
  10. The Cheese Is Made Of Moon
  11. So Tell Me

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