December 04, 2008

The Hot Toddies: Smell the Mitten

Name a cool band from Oakland, CA. Metallica? Think again. The Hot Toddies are doo-wop bubblegum pop revivalists that proof that you can be cool and cute. Their album Smell the Mitten is picked with smart infectious tunes that are like a freak summer breeze in the cold winter.

Founded in 2004 by Heidi Bodeson and Erin Skidmore who tamed up as a songwriting unit they expanded into a quartet of pop prom queens who will the haunt the dreams of pubescent boys and lure the music lover's attention who can have a field day picking out all the influences the Toddies have internalized.

The Hot Toddies are currently in the proces of recording the follow-up that should be released in June 2009. Let's hope they stick to their low-tech production values. They might even go back to mono.

The Hot Toddies:
Heidi Bodeson: vox, bass, and guitar
Erin Skidmore: vox, guitar, and bass
Sylvia Hurtado: drums
Jessica Wright: vox, keyboard, guitar, and tambourine

The Hot Toddies: Smell the Mitten

Smell the Mitten is released on Asian Man Records.

  1. Sugar Daddy
  2. The Surf Song
  3. Seattle
  4. HTML
  5. Photosynthesis
  6. Wet Dream
  7. What's Your Sign
  8. Anais Nin vs. The Pirates of Santa Cruz
  9. Motorscooter
  10. Rocker Girl
  11. Ocean
Live dates:
  • 12/11 Stork Club - Naughty Holiday Party (w/ The Struts & The Soft White Sixties), Oakland, CA
  • 12/17 El Rio, San Francisco, CA
  • 01/09 The Knockout (w/ Agent Ribbons & Tinkture & Excuses for Skipping), San Francisco, CA


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