December 02, 2008

Jihae: Elvis Is Still Alive

Jihae has travelled the earth. Born in South Korea and grown up in in Nigeria and Sweden, she lived in the UK before ending up in NYC. With a background like that it's no wonder that here album Elvis Is Still Alive is a mixed bag, with her soulful vocals as the prominent feature on all the tracks.

Her voice has been compared with Chrissy Hynde's, but her range is superior. Although this is already her second full length she is still searching for a signature sound of her own. A bit more focus would be nice.

Jihae: Elvis Is Still Alive

Elvis Is Still Alive is a self-released album.

  1. Elvis Is Still Alive
  2. Best Thing
  3. Pink Sands
  4. Perfect Lie
  5. Fig Leaf
  6. Hide
  7. Stay
  8. Spin
  9. Birthday Blues


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