November 18, 2008

The Volunteers: Spectrophilia

The Volunteers: Spectrophilia

The Volunteers from Brooklyn are still stuck in puberty. Their new album Spectrophilia (sex with spirits or reflections, but you already knew that) is all about teenage hang-ups and trying to shock the adults. The music has a nice dirty glamrock groove, though.

O, and guys, if you are so desperate wanting to shock people, call your song by it's full name. It's Fuck My Ghost.

Spectrophilia is a self-released album.

  1. Rock and Roll (Will Kill You)
  2. Hoogabooga
  3. Get on the Bomb
  4. Monsta
  5. Vampire Joe
  6. Namedropper
  7. Stubborn Woman
  8. Feel it
  9. Danger Everywhere you turn!
  10. FckMyGhst
  11. So deep for So cheap
  12. Recyclin' Bin
  13. Rock to Rock
  14. Cold World


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