November 20, 2008

The Black Keys: Attack & Release

The Black Keys left their basement for the recording of their Attack & Release album, but they took their sound with them. Guitarist-vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney employed the services of producer Brian Burton (better known as Danger Mouse) and set up shop in a small studio called the Suma in Cleveland (notably one of the last studios where they cut their own vinyl).

It took them a mere two weeks to all lay down all the tracks for Attack & Release, and Kennie Takahashi pulled off an amazing mastering job, preserving all the dirt and warmth of the old equipment making it an in-your-face album even in the quiet parts.

The guests on the album are used as touches of colour, not getting in the way of the soulful swagger of the Akron, Ohio duo. Ralph Carney and Marc Ribot have been playing long enough to known what is needed and what is superfluous. Attack & Release should be on every serious music lover's X-mas list. It's a pure and honest 101 for psychedelic 21st century blues rock.

The Black Keys: Attack & Release

Attack & Release is released on Nonesuch Records.

  1. All You Ever Wanted
  2. I Got Mine
  3. Strange Times
  4. Psychotic Girl
  5. Lies
  6. Remember When (Side A)
  7. Remember When (Side B)
  8. Same Old thing
  9. So He Won’t Break
  10. Oceans And Streams
  11. Things Ain’t Like They Used To Be


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