November 30, 2008

Seb Roberts: Yeah, Well, Coué's Dead

Canadian Seb Roberts, currently based in Hamburg, Germany, has the words music geek written all over him in large friendly letters. He is determined to bring back the glory days of Madchester and he is well on his way with new EP entitled Yeah, Well, Coué's Dead.

On this new EP a nasty remix of US Out of NY goes for your throat in the best NIN tradition, then let go for a couple of bars filled with acoustic guitar and some piano, before attacking again with doubled enthusiasm. Slightly schizophrenic Dinner With My Doppleganger (his spelling, not mine) tops off this fine collection of demented dance indie industrial psychedelica.

Seb Roberts: Yeah, Well, Coué's Dead

Yeah, Well, Coué's Dead is released on SVC Records. Release date: December 1st.

  1. Roll Deep
  2. Embedded
  3. US Out of NY (Wooly Mammut Version)
  4. False Positive
  5. Dinner With My Doppleganger


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