November 22, 2008

Plushgun: Pins & Panzers

The four track self-titled Plushgun EP was a pleasant surprise when it was released in August of this year. Brooklyn citizen Daniel Ingala, the musician behind this project, released a follow-up EP Dancing In A Minefield (just two songs and four remixes) testing the waters for the full-length Pins & Panzers.

Apparently Plushgun isn't very prolific. All the EP tracks are used for the album, so there are only six new songs on Pins & Panzers. On the upside: he knows how to write catchy tunes with meaningful lyrics, with A Crush To Pass The Time as the stand-out track.

Plushgun: Pins & Panzers

Pins & Panzers will be released on Tommy Boy. Release date: February 17th, 2009.

  1. Dancing In A Minefield
  2. How We Roll
  3. Just Impolite
  4. A Crush To Pass The Time
  5. The Dark In You
  6. Let Me Kiss You (And I'll Fade Away)
  7. Union Pool
  8. 14 Candles
  9. Without A Light
  10. An Aria
Live dates:
  • 12/04 Paper @ Harper’s Ferry, Allston, Massachusetts
  • 12/06 Toquet Hall, Westport, CT
  • 12/07 Upstairs @ The Middle East (w/ Math The Band), Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • 12/08 The Annex, New York, NY
  • 12/28 The Crazy Donkey (w/ Andrew WK), Farmingdale, NY


HCTF review of the Plushgun EP.

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