November 29, 2008

Fiction: You Will Never

photo: Matthew Young

Avant poppy post-rock anyone? Austin band Fiction is for real, mixing up-to-date beats with the warmth of a cello, the tinkling of the flute and wall to wall synths.

They have a five track EP called You Will Never that has enough ideas for a double album. With three of the four members sharing bass duties it's no wonder that it will take you a long time to figure out all the hoopla beneath the floating vocals - think Andy Partridge or Tom Verlaine.

Michael Zawodniak: keys, synths/sequencers, bass, vocals
Jeremy Roye: vocals, laptop, effects
Matt LaTour: drums, flute, bass, vocals
Henna Chou: cello, keys, bass, vocals

Fiction: You Will Never

is a self-released on album. Buy it from the band.

  1. Chew Our Tongues
  2. Tiger! Tiger!
  3. Lights, Alarms
  4. Bellydown
  5. Salty
Live dates:
  • 12/13 The Space Cave (w/ Najeeb, Hello Lovers, LSM, Mos Jeficit, Many Birthdays) Austin, TX
  • 01/24 Lambert's (w/ My Empty Phantom and My Education), Austin, TX


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