November 21, 2008

Bella Koshka: Slow Dancing on the Ocean Floor

photo: Sara Rubinstein

A Celtic mist must have hanging over Minnesota when Bella Koshka recorded their Slow Dancing on the Ocean Floor album. Gut heavy bass lines and intermittent guitar fills undercut the eerie vocals and violin of this Minnesota band whose music that is best described as lullabies for an adult audience.

They would have been signed on the spot by 4AD in the eighties, as it stands they have to go the DIY route which won't be problem with the female front line that oozes music from every pore.

Bella Koshka:
Hilary Davis: violin, keyboards, programming, samples, bells
Laura Boland: vocals, stories
Matte Franklin: drums, found objects
Matt Vannelli: guitars, efx
Tim Ritter: bass guitar

Bella Koshka: Slow Dancing on the Ocean Floor

Slow Dancing on the Ocean Floor is a self-released album. Buy it from CD Baby.

  1. Compass
  2. Relic
  3. Fiction
  4. Paint The Sky
  5. Coma
  6. Replicant
  7. Home
  8. Echo
  9. Treasure
  10. Stitches
  11. Anchor
Live dates:
  • 12/03 Red Stag Supper Club, Minneapolis, MN
  • 12/13 Kitty Cat Klub (w/ Murzik), Minneapolis, MN

MP3: Bella Koshka - Relic
MP3: Bella Koshka - Treasure


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