October 09, 2008

Zingale: The Bright Side

Zingale: The Bright Side

Zingale has obtained a cult status for being the only decent progressive rock band from Israel in the seventies. Their only album Peace is a collector's item now. Ephraim Barak en Udi Tamir, two of its former members, have teamed with a new drummer, Barak Ben Zour. This trio has been busy writing and recording the new album The Bright Side, a collection of songs that are continuation of their earlier material.

It took more than a year and the band used five different studios. Still, they achieved to make a coherent sounding album. The Bright Side is far better than the average mid-life crisis reunion albums that have been released recently.

They still go for the big gesture, but they get more personal too. The title track is dedicated to the late David Hofesh, who "allowed himself to search in places that he shouldn't have". And yes, they hope to meet him again on "the bright side of the moon".

Zingale have gone digital, selling The Bright Side is as a download through CD Baby.

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