October 02, 2008

Tom Fuller Band: Abstract Man

Tom Fuller
photo: Jim Newberry

Tom Fuller writes classic rock songs that are pleasant enough for playing in the background, but they fail to leave a lasting impression. His album Abstract Man has its moments lyric wise, but the music is straight middle-of-the-road fare that won't make him much friends - or enemies for that matter. Only In America will be coming to you through the airwaves when you live in the sticks and the same goes for his cover of The Air That I Breathe (first recorded by Phil Everly but mostly known as a vehicle for The Hollies).

Tom Fuller Band: Abstract Man

Abstract Man is released on Red Cap Records.

  1. Radio Man
  2. Lollipop Guild
  3. Sunglass Wardrobe
  4. Only in America
  5. Abstract Man
  6. Air That I Breathe
  7. Dragon Fight
  8. Midnight Pass
  9. Colour of the Wind
  10. Tomorrow Morning
  11. Emerald Land
  12. Between the Lines
  13. All I Ever Wanted
  14. Franklin Street

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