October 08, 2008

The Tower of Dudes: The Tower of Dudes

The Tower of Dudes are based in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The band members hail from Canada, UK, and the USA. Being strangers in a strange land they took some music from their home countries and the result is an Eastern Europe version of punky folk. If you thought that a meldodik can't rock, think again.

This is a band that has written FUN in large letters all over their songs. Their self-titled mini album drops October 16th. Recommended if you like bands like DeVotchKa and the Whisky Priests. Fire up the accordion and let it rip.

The Tower of Dudes:
Tarah Masu: accordion, melodika
Johnny Feelings: guitar, vocals
Nick Nothing: drums, Glockenspiel, wood block and "Oh's"
Steve Cautious: bass and "ah's", recording engineer
Tone-Solo: banjo, mandolin

  1. A Plan
  2. Jr High School Man
  3. Drink, Fuck, Drive Truck
  4. Prematurely Ascend
  5. We're Alright
  6. These Days
  7. Zombies
  8. We Are Watching You
  9. Weird Little Boy
Live dates:
  • 11/16 Palac Akropolis (two band CD Release party with The Sads), Prague
  • 11/17 TBA, Pardubice
  • 11/31 Halloween @ Skutecnost (w/ Blaq Mummy), Prague
  • 11/01 TBA (w/ Dukla Vozovna), Roudnice Nad Labem
  • 11/14 Chateau Rouge (w/ Tajn√© Slunce), Prague

» tod.cz
» myspace.com/thetowerofdudes

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