October 04, 2008

System and Station: A Nation of Actors

System and Station, an indie progressive rock band from Portland, Oregon, have been knocking on the door marked "world wide fame" for ten years now. Main songwriter RFK Heise is the resident genius of the band. His lyricism is dark and peppered with sci-fi elements, an open invitation to endless discussions about what his songs are about.

Their fourth full-length album A Nation of Actors will gain them wider recognition among the geeks, music nerds and other assorted "in-the-know" dudes. Their music with jangling guitars and Teutonic bass and drums is just a bit too much for the general public who will choose to ignore them some more.

System and Station is released on Latest Flame Records.

System and Station: A Nation of Actors Tracks:
  1. The Magnetic North
  2. Sell Out
  3. A Light To Lead You Home
  4. On The Way
  5. Rainy Days In Future Cities
  6. Too Late Too Soon
  7. The World Is Run By Wires
  8. Pictures Found In Paragraphs
  9. Out On The Wall
  10. Dumb Luck
  11. A Nation Of Actors

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» myspace.com/systemandstation

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