October 01, 2008

Porter Block: Off Our Shoulders

Porter Block, a quartet from Brooklyn, decide to build their own studio, and start banging away ending up with a nice collection of tunes for their Off Our Shoulders album. Powerpop on a shoestring budget quickly recorded to capture a live atmosphere. The voices of vocalists Peter Block and Caleb Sherman stand out - great harmonies - and will even sound good coming out of the speakers of a crappy car radio. Best track is Lonely Levon, where the rhythm sections takes center stage. Yes, it's about that Levon.

Porter Block:
Peter Block: guitar, piano, vocals
Caleb Sherman: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Nicolas Depierro: bass
Brother Love: drums

Porter Block: Off Our Shoulders

Off Our Shoulders is released on Engine Room Recordings.

  1. Second Wind
  2. The Times Between The Good Times
  3. List Of Things to Do
  4. Lonely Levon
  5. Sun Goes Down
  6. All Of Who I Am
  7. Happy Everything
  8. What The Future Holds
  9. Well's Gone Dry
  10. Cream Delicious

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