October 21, 2008

Mississippi Kings: Long Time Comin'

Mississippi Kings
photo: Sabrina Armani

After putting out the teaser track Sailing On The Ocean Canadian rock band The Mississipi Kings have released their album Long Time Comin'. Following the paths of classic bluesy rock this record explores the fringes of soul, naming Marvin Gaye and The Temptations as their role models.

They won't go down in history as musical inventors or revolutionaries, but they are nice addition to the Canadian tradition of solid rockers, like the Guess Who and that scraggly dude beating the hell out of Old Black.

The Mississippi Kings:
Nick Cino: vocals, guitar
Mike Ventimiglia: vocals, guitar
Dave Marini: vocals, bass
Dano Stajduhar: vocals, drums
Ivan Katkic: piano

Mississippi Kings: Long Time Comin'

Long Time Comin' is released on CD via Red Coast Records and as a free download through themississippikings.com.

  1. A Little Bit Of Soul
  2. Some Revolution
  3. Sailing On The Ocean
  4. Dirty Old-Time Nursery Rhyme Blues
  5. I Tried So Hard
  6. This Old Melody
  7. In The Pale Moonlight
  8. Bad News Blues
  9. Shoop (A Loving Sound)
  10. All Eyes
  11. Best Be On Your Way (Little Boy)
Live dates:
  • 10/24 C+C Music Festival, Hamilton, Ontario
  • 10/25 Mansion House, St. Catharines, Ontario
  • 11/07 Westside Concert Theatre, Hamilton, Ontario
  • 11/12 Annex Wreckroom, Toronto, Ontario
  • 11/14 Chapters, Ancaster, Ontario
  • 11/21 The Slye Fox, Burlington, Ontario

» themississippikings.com
» myspace.com/mississippikings

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