September 19, 2008

Tracy Shedd: Cigarettes & Smoke Machines

Tracy Shedd
photo: Skid Severson

Tracy Shedd from Tucson, Arizona, is best described as an indie version of Suzanne Vega. She has a gift for melody, with the occasional hint at punk and UK noise. Cigarettes & Smoke Machines follows the path of Liz Phair, Heather Nova and Carol van Dijk (Bettie Serveert). Jubilant guitars in one song, just a few notes in the next, she tells her stories like she is sitting on the couch late at night, spilling the beans about her relationships.

Tracy Shedd: Cigarettes & Smoke Machines

Cigarettes & Smoke Machines is released on Teenbeat. Release date: September 23.

  1. Never Too Late
  2. Whatever It Takes
  3. Hardest Part Of Good-Bye
  4. Won Past Ten
  5. Plastic World
  6. Not Giving Up
  7. Remember The Time We Set The Highway On Fire?
  8. Go On
  9. Paris
  10. Valentine
  11. So Sick
  12. Home
Live dates:
  • 09/26 Tuscon, AZ @ Hotel Congress Record Release Party
  • 10/04 Jacksonville, FL @ Eclipse
  • 10/15 Tucson, AZ @ The Apple Store at La Encantada


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