September 15, 2008

Todd Rundgren: Arena

photo: Jean Lannen

Todd Rundgren carried a magic wand in the Seventies, releasing a string of classic albums and producing tons of artists, including Patti Smith's Wave and Meat Loaf's (he still considers this album as a joke, refusing to believe that people took it seriously). He is a pioneer by heart, with videos, staging the first ever cablebroadcast of one his live shows, experimenting with enhanced CDs, interactive tours and the world first direct music subscription service (way back in 1998).

Todd Rungren is now 60 years old and - cliche allert - still going strong. Through all his extracurricular activities you should almost forget that he is a riff-based guitar player. His new album Arena has more memorable licks than Death Magnetic or any other rock guitar album of 2008. He aims for your guts and eardrums with thirteen songs that are big engough to reach the upper balconies of any stadium. Rundgren has been following the current state of world affairs, incorporating into anthemic songs like Mad, Strike and Gun. The slower songs are big on the layered vocal parts, like Weakness that starts like a Zappa song ca 1974.

Unlike many other acts that have been around as long as he has, Rundgren is still creating new sounds upon his trademark guitar tone. He is no jukebox rehashing his past.

Todd Rundgren: Arena

Arena drops September 29th on Cooking Vinyl (September 30th in the USA on Hi-Fi Recordings). He will be on tour this Fall.

  1. Mad
  2. Afraid
  3. Mercenary
  4. Gun
  5. Courage
  6. Weakness
  7. Strike
  8. Pissin
  9. Today
  10. Bardo
  11. Mountaintop
  12. Panic
  13. Manup


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