September 02, 2008

The Dark Romantics: Heartbreaker

You can have too much sunshine. The Dark Romantics hail from Florida and they crave for the night. Fronted by Eric Collins their second full length Heartbreaker sounds a lot like the Sparks or Interpol in a gloomy mood. More poppy than the Secret Machines and more relevant than the current incarnation of Echo & The Bunnymen. Wearing sunglasses when you're listening might be a good idea.

The Dark Romantics: Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker is released on Lujo Records. Release date: September 9th.

  1. Heartbreaker Pt. 3
  2. Love & Pain
  3. Hush Your Mouth
  4. The Death Of You
  5. This Is Young Love
  6. Let's Ride
  7. Never Been Loved
  8. She's Loaded
  9. Heartbreaker Pt. 2
  10. Gimme A Kiss
  11. W.G.L.Y.
  12. The Perfect Place
  13. Heartbreaker
Live dates:
  • 09/12 Murray Hill Theatre, Jacksonville, FL
  • 09/18 Camp Fire USA *CD RELEASE SHOW*, Lakeland, FL
  • 09/19 Backbooth *CD RELEASE SHOW, Orlando, FL
  • 09/20 New World Brewery *CD RELEASE SHOW, Ybor City, FL
  • 09/25 Sluggos (w/ Dignan & Mouse Fire), Pensacola, FL
  • 09/26 Midpoint Music Festival Cincinnati, OH
  • 09/27 Brick House/Noize Collective (w/ Dignan & Mouse Fire), Loiusville, KY
  • 09/28 The Drunken Unicorn (w/ Dignan & Mouse Fire), Atlanta, GA
  • 10/16 Tin Roof, Charleston, SC
  • 10/17 New French Bar (w/ Look Mexicc) Asheville, NC
  • 11/06 Swayze’s (w/ The Winter Sounds), *all ages* Marietta, GA
  • 11/07 Flicker Theatre (w/ The Winter Sounds), Athens, GA
  • 11/08 Soho (w/ The Winter Sounds), Columbus, GA


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