September 14, 2008

Rush Hashanah: 24 hours of Rush

photo: Andrew MacNaughtan

All day and all of the night: 24 hours of Rush.

In a victory for both Canadian prog rock and awesomely clever puns, VH1 Classic will ring in Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) with “Rush Hashanah”. The channel will air 24 hours of Rush on September 29th. The marathon will feature two of the band’s concert films, Rush In Rio and R30, plus music videos from the band’s past and present. “Rush Hashanah” isn’t all just pun and games, however: singer/bassist Geddy Lee, born Gary Weinrib, is the son of two Holocaust survivors. Lee’s parents actually met when they were interred at a labor camp in Poland and ultimately got married after they were liberated. So celebrate Rush Hashanah this year with Geddy and the gang on VH1 Classic.


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