September 20, 2008

Grayson Capps & The Stumpknockers: Rott 'N' Roll

Grayson Capps & The Stumpknockers are the kind of band you need on an improvised stage on the main square of your town, raising hell with their drawling rawk songs. Main man Capps Rott 'N' Roll sounds like a dirtier version of Kris Kristofferson. They can be mellow (Arrowhead, Ike), 50s rockers (Big Ol'Woman), just plain silly (Gran Maw Maw), dark story tellers (The Fear Fruit Bearing Tree) and loud Sock Monkey, Bacon - a soaring instrumental). This is good time music to be played at top volume.

Grayson Capps: Rott 'N' Roll

Rott 'N' Roll is released on Hyena Records.

  1. Going Back To The Country
  2. Arrowhead
  3. Gran Maw Maw
  4. Psychic Channel Blues
  5. The Waltz
  6. Big Black Buzzard
  7. Ike
  8. Sun Don't Shine On Willy
  9. Big Ol' Woman
  10. Guitar
  11. The Fear Fruit Bearing Tree
  12. Sock Monkey
  13. Bacon
Live dates:
  • 09/21 Idlewilde North, Henniker, NH
  • 09/24 Lizard Lounge, Boston, Massachusetts
  • 09/25 Hungry Tiger, Manchester, CT
  • 09/26 Banjo Jim’s, New York, NY
  • 09/27 World Cafe’ Live, Philadelphia, PA
  • 09/28 House Concert by Sound Reflections, Northfield, NJ
  • 10/10 Pirate’s Cove, Josephine, AL
  • 10/11 World Headquarters of Team Danger, Brewton, AL
  • 10/12 Callaghan’s, Mobile, AL
  • 10/13 Strutting Duck, Auburn, AL
  • 10/16 Bennie’s Boom Boom Room, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • 10/17 D.B.A, New Orleans, LA
  • 10/19 Callaghan’s, Mobile, AL
  • 10/25 Little Willie’s, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • 11/14 Ale House, Auburn, AL


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