September 06, 2008

Dylan Champagne: New Equation

Dylan Champagne
photo: Michael Hamm

When your name is Dylan Champagne you are in serious trouble. Combining the fabled French bubbles with the first name of a Welsh poet who drunk him self to death could make an interesting mix. Well, he tries. On his New Equation album he feels around his songs about the apocalypse, death, love and other things than can ruin your day with a voice that at times sounds like a piece of chalk screaming down the board.

Dylan Champagne: From Here To There

He knows how the count, being the former frontman of Oakland math-rock act One Step Shift for eight years. For now going the singer/songwriter route was a bad career move. He can't hide behind the sheer volume of a loud band anymore. Breathing techniques should help.

New Equation is released on Broke In Oakland. Release date: September 9th.


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