September 18, 2008

Benjamin Taylor: The Legend of Kung Folk

Mom: Carly Simon. Dad: James Taylor. Occupation: singer-songwriter. That's Benjamin Taylor. His new album The Legend of Kung Folk fits in smoothly on the shelve where you keep up his parents output. He writes about love and loss too, albeit with a bit more adventurous bass lines. Jamie Collum adds some less memorable ivory tinklings.

It might have been a good idea to hire a producer who breathed down his neck telling him to go his own way. Taylor brought in far too much co-producers searching for different sounds that must have ended up on the floor of the cutting room. This is an innocent album and it's makes you wonder why it's plugged as Part 1 (The Killing Bite). All smiles, no teeth.

Benjamin Taylor: The Legend of Kung Folk

The Legend of Kung Folk is released on Iris Records.

  1. Wrong
  2. She's Gone
  3. Wicked Way
  4. It's Only Love
  5. Dangerous Girl
  6. Something For Nothing
  7. Wilderness
  8. You're The One For Me
  9. Space
  10. After It's Over


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