August 25, 2008

Yuppie Pricks: Balls

Yuppie Pricks
photo: Darin Murano

Punk is all about being loud, angry and poor, right? Wrong. The Yuppie Pricks is an Austin, TX band whose parents were in the upper tax bracket. No wonder they come up with song titles like Frat Cars and Fuck You, I'm Rich. Their previous album was released on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label and they still sound like a lot like the Dead Kennedys with a rock back beat and highly political and funny lyrics.

Balls is album to be played at top volume to scare the shit out of the dorks down the hall. Housed in a sleeve that is a belated answer to the Black Crowes' Amorica it deserves top billing on this year's list of best punk albums. Punk is not dead, it just changed its wardrobe.

Yuppie Pricks:
Trevor Middleton: vocals
Deuce Hollingsworth: guitar
Preston Hetherington: guitar
Ricky the Intern: bass
Nigel Smythen-Wesson: drums

Yuppie Pricks: Balls

Balls is released on Chicken Ranch Records.

  1. Collars Up
  2. Greed Is Good
  3. Donkey Show
  4. Frat Cars
  5. Fraternity Days
  6. Fuck You, I'm Rich
  7. Male Model
  8. G.O.P
  9. Loser
  10. Prick4life


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