August 30, 2008

The New Up: Broken Machine

The New Up
photo: Dave Vann

A lot of modern day listeners don't have the attention to take in a full length, so The New Up decided to release three EP's in the next 18 months. Broken Machine kicks of the series by this 21st Century New Wave band from San Francisco. With five of slightly psychedelic songs they aim to please the third generation hippies who have been enjoying their parents record collection, especially the Jefferson Airplane and eighties UK stuff.

The New Up: Broken Machine

The New Up:
ES Pitcher: vocals, guitar
Noah Reid: guitar, vocals
Hawk West: flute, automation
Dain Dizazzo: bass
Jack McFadden: drums, percussion, vocals

Broken Machine is released on Evil Cherise.

  1. Ginger Tea
  2. Top Of The Stairs
  3. Broken Machine
  4. Libations
  5. Just Because

MP3: The New Up - Broken Machine


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