August 29, 2008

Jamie McLean: American Heartache

It's a law of nature that band members crave for a place in the spotlights. Jamie McLean is not above helping out people like Norah Jones (don't panic - read on), but his mainstay is being the guitarist for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. So it no wonder that his band mates came out to play on his third solo record American Heartache. Housed in B&W cover with brown as main color to touch things up this package contains no surprises. Jamie McLean knows his way around the guitar and his singing ain't half bad.

American Heartache is best described as a Southern rock album rubbing shoulders with jazz and folk. The big city is never far away. Maybe that's why he lend a couple of notes from Living Colour's Love Rear Its Ugly Head for Cherry Tree.

Jamie McLean: American Heartache

American Heartache is a self-released album Release date: September 2.

  • Can You Hear Me Now
  • Cherry Tree
  • American Heartache
  • Up Down
  • Don't Do Me That Way
  • Working Man
  • Bottle of Love
  • Simple Minded
  • Garden of Thieves
  • Heads Are Gonna Roll
  • Shades of Honeydew
  • Cold Wind


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