July 03, 2008

The John Henrys: Sweet as the Grain

Country rock died in the late Seventies, right? Nope. It's alive and well and living in Ottawa, Canada. Quintet The John Henrys add their own touches to a genre that was dreamed up by the lamented Gram Parsons. Their album Sweet as the Grain is far more than a carbon copy of the sounds of old. It's a brand new chapter and sounding more poppy than you might expect.

The John Henrys: Sweet as the Grain

Named after the legendary John Henry, arguably the strongest man ever, this band comes out swinging, hitting you over the head with rhythms like a speeding freight train. Thought Yourself Lucky and Ugly Town have all the bravado and swagger to dominate the airwaves of your favorite late night radio show. File under Whiskeytown and Flying Burrito Brothers. It's available on vinyl too.

Sweet as the Grain is released on 9LB Records.

  1. Sweet As The Grain
  2. Lost In The Canyon
  3. Padawadamie
  4. Ain't Gonna Drink No More
  5. Thought Yourself Lucky
  6. New Years
  7. Truth Be Told (Inez)
  8. No More Rock N Roll
  9. Eldorado
  10. Angel
  11. Ugly Town
  12. Golden Train
Live dates:
  • 07/04 Hamilton, Ontario - The Pepper Jack
  • 07/05 Toronto, Ontario - Gladstone Hotel
  • 07/08 Ottawa, Ontario - Ottawa Blues Fest
  • 10/04 Greenwood, AL - One Music Festival

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