July 21, 2008

Sonya Kitchell: This Storm

Sonya Kitchell: This Storm

When you get rave reviews in mainstream magazines such as Marie Claire and People who focus on music solely as a commodity playing unobtrusively in the background, you will have a hard time to gain entrance to the music geek world. American singer Sonya Kitchell was only 15 at the time that she was being slapped with tags as "the smokiness of Norah Jones" and "the soulfulness of Joss Stone". O, and Herbie Hancock took her under his wing soon after.

Her new album is called This Storm and that is a weird name for an album full of middle-of-the-road songs that go exactly nowhere. She might be a bit older now, and her voice has grown up with her, but her technique is so smooth that the words and notes fail to leave any lasting impression whatsoever. Incurable insomniacs only.

This Storm is released as a joint effort of Velour Music and Decca. Release date: September 2.

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