July 22, 2008

Scrapomatic: Sidewalk Caesars

photo: Larry Krantz

You like some old school good time music delivered with gusto? Try Scrapomatic, a side-project that was started ten years by Mike Mattison and Paul Olsen, playing R&B drenched songs. The "R" really means "Rhythm". Their latest effort is called Sidewalk Caesars, with a lot of drinking songs included. Yes, it's allowed to tap your feet and do some hand clapping. And just in case you are wondering: Derek Trucks does play on this one. No way he could resist to add some slide on an album on which his singer shines.

Scrapomatic: Sidewalk Caesars

Sidewalk Caesars is released on Landslide Records.

  1. He Called My Name
  2. Drink House
  3. I Want The Truth
  4. Killing Yourself On Purpose
  5. Remember This Day
  6. Hook, Line & Sinker
  7. The Fire Next Time
  8. The Old Whiskey Show
  9. Drunken Spree
  10. Long-Haired State
  11. I Just Want To Hang Around
  12. Long Gone
  13. Good Luck With Your Impossible Dream

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