July 04, 2008

Prince Fatty: Survival of the Fattest

When you tell the world that you are "Battling the Forces of Evil with Hippy Reggae" changes are that all the cynics will come down from the rafters to write putdown reviews. UK band Prince Fatty is quite serious though. Their album Survival of the Fattest is a sunny affair with all the tracks flowing together seamlessly.

Prince Fatty: Survival of the Fattest

The album is conceived by British producer Mike Pelanconi who made it big in the early nineties with artists like Sinead O’Connor. Being a die-hard reggae fan he had no trouble recruiting drummer Style Scott from the Roots Radics and afrobeat saxophonist Bukky Leo, All tracks sound the same, but dub reggae is like the Neil Young quip "it's all one song." It's an inbred genre that has a loyal following. If you are one of them, pick it up. The rest of world can go on with all things evil and such.

Survival of the Fattest is released on Rasa Music.

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