July 08, 2008

Montt Mardié: Introducing... The Best Of

Montt Mardié, nom d'artiste of Swedish musician David Pagmar, is an odd one. He writes a songs about long forgotten comic heroes (Modesty Blaise), Holly Golightly, a character from Breakfast at Tiffany's (Set Sail Tomorrow) and adopts a Prince falsetto (Too Many Songs Unwritten).

His rather provokingly titled debut Introducing... The Best Of for Ruffa Lane Records, the label founded by English band Lucky Soul, is a celebration of pop and blue-eyed soul. Arranged to the hilt with female backing vocals that might remind you of the Human League, hhe likes to put your on the wrong foot every now then. He uses contemporary sound bites of the Apollo Space program and slips in a bit of The Cure's Boys Don't Cry. There are so many layers in this album that you will have it on repeat for hours. Introducing... The Best Of is a music lover's album for music lovers.

Montt Mardié: Introducing... The Best Of

Introducing... The Best Of is released on Ruffa Lane Records. Release date: September 8th.

  1. Modesty Blaise
  2. Set Sail Tomorrow
  3. Names Not Fogotten
  4. How I Won The War
  5. Huckleberry Friend
  6. 1969
  7. Prom Night
  8. Smile Charlie
  9. Too Many Songs Unwritten
  10. Travellers
  11. Paddy (You Won't Get What You Deserve)
  12. Birthday Boy
  13. How To Kill A Mockingbird
  14. The Windmill Turns All The Same
  15. Pretenders
  16. Castle In The Sky
  17. Phone Call Drama

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