July 08, 2008

Jon Foreman: "Spring" & "Summer"

When Jon Foreman, the singer of American rock band Switchfoot, released the first two parts of his four seasons EP project, reviews were lukewarm and rightly so. After "Fall" & "Winter" the series is now complete with the second double EP "Spring" & "Summer".

Things are getting better, but only just. While the first two were filled with tracks that could put insomniacs to sleep, this set actually contains some tracks that will keep you from nodding off. You might want to stifle a yawn though. Listen at your own risk and keep a large cup of serious coffee within reach.

Jon Foreman: Spring & Summer

The EPs are released on Swithfoot's own label lowercase people records, in conjunction with Credential Recordings.

MP3: Jon Foreman - Your Love Is Strong

» jonforeman.com
» credentialrecordings.com

HCTF review of "Fall" & "Winter".

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