July 14, 2008

Darla Rose: free album "The Beat Of My Heart"

Posting your albums on the internet and hoping that people are willing to pay you for your trouble is a popular route these days. NYC singer Darla Rose joinss the ranks of the "doing a Radiohead" crowd. Her album The Beat Of My Heart contains eight pop song with a Sixties feel. She sounds like an innocent teenager, but she is 21. You are allowed to buy her a beer.

Darla Rose: The Beat Of My Heart Tracks:
  1. Castaway
  2. Number One
  3. One Side of This
  4. I Tried
  5. Sing It Out
  6. If You Asked
  7. Sea Song
  8. Charlotte

» modernmegastate.com (full album download)
» myspace.com/darlarosebud

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