July 12, 2008

Bell Hollow: Foxgloves

The Smiths are alive and well and have returned to the land of the living in the form of NYC band Bell Hollow. Their album Foxgloves is a carbon copy of eighties indie rock. Careless listeners might accuse them of channeling their peers as borderline plagiarists. Tracing a Cure bass line or Johnny Marr riff is dead easy on this album. Still, it's a promising first full length filled with meandering songs. Recommended if you are into wavering vocals and jangling guitars.

Bell Hollow:
Christopher Bollman: bass
Greg Fasolino: guitar
Todd Karasik: drums
Nick Niles: vocals, guitar, keyboards

Bell Hollow: Foxgloves

Foxgloves is released on Five03 Records.

  1. Seven Sisters
  2. Our Water Burden
  3. Foxgloves
  4. Copper Crayon
  5. Eyes Like Planets
  6. Jamais Vu
  7. Getting On In Years
  8. Storm's End
  9. The Bottle Tree
  10. Lowlights

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