July 20, 2008

Amy Lennard: I Need To Love

Big city folk country? Singer-songwriter Amy Lennard spend some time in California and Oregon before returning to her native New York. She has a voice with an edge that goes well with her songs about the eternal "woman meets man" thing. She could take more changes musically and expand her horizon a bit, but her album I Need To Love is a good start.

El Paso is a song that could make her losts of money if it gets picked up by other singers. It tells the story of her meeting with a slide guitar player that she spend a couple of hours with discussing music and life. He turns out to be married - a fact that isn't mentioned in the song.

I Need To Love is released on Hold Your Own Records. Release date: September 9th.

  1. I Wish It Were Mine
  2. You Inspire Me
  3. Forever Tonight
  4. I Can't Change You
  5. Broken
  6. Let Go
  7. Holy Night
  8. El Paso
  9. I Will
  10. Dream

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