June 24, 2008

Theresa Andersson: Hummingbird, Go!

Theresa Andersson is a Swedish singer and violinist who ended up in New Orleans. Her album Hummingbird, Go! is most definitely a homegrown one, recording most of it in her kitchen and even using kitchen utensils to create specific sounds. There are hints of Kate Bush in her arrangements, but her songs are straightforward pop. She went back to the Swedish island of Gotland - where she was born - to iron out the snafus and glitches with Tobias Fröberg riding shotgun in the producer's seat.

Theresa Andersson: Hummingbird, Go!

Hummingbird, Go! isn't left-field as such, though applying all those homemade instruments, like glasses filled with water to emulate a vibraphone, lift this album a notch above the most of singer-songwriters output. And watching her set up all her instrumentation before a live gig is a sight you will watch with lots of interest.

Hummingbird, Go! is released on Basin Street Records. Release date: September 2nd.

Live dates:
  • 06/25 Pelles Lusthus, Nykoping
  • 06/26 Tivoli Liseberg, Gothenburg
  • 06/27 Vätternfestivalen, Motala
  • 06/28 Jazz och Blues Festival, Sandviken
  • 07/03 Katalin, Uppsala
  • 07/05 Danspalatset, Island Möja
  • 07/06 Mosebacke, Stockholm
  • 07/07 Mosebacke, Stockholm
  • 07/08 Hamra Krog, Island Gotland
  • 07/09 Kustparken Fårösund, Island Gotland
  • 07/11 Rone Bygdegård, Gotland
  • 07/12 Effes Pub, Gotland
  • 07/13 Effes Pub, Gotland
  • 07/14 Kneipbyn Rotundan, Gotland
  • 07/15 Joda Livinroom, Gotland
  • 07/16 Ihre Kvarn, Gotland
  • 07/18 Pori Festival Klubi-Klubben Garden, Pori
  • 07/26 Jazzens Museum, Strömsholm
  • 07/27 Festival, Arboga
  • 08/20 Haddon Heights Sundown Music, Haddon Heights, NJ
  • 08/21 Sullivan Hall, New York, NY
  • 08/23 The Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington, DC
  • 10/04 Gretna Heritage Festival, Gretna, LA

» theresaandersson.com
» myspace.com/theresaanderssonmusic

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