June 16, 2008

SubRosa: Strega

SubRosa from Salt Lake City are four ladies who like to dabble in magic and darkwave. Their new album Strega has the slow bass heavy rumble of Black Sabbath and the Sisters of Mercy.

SubRosa: Strega

All the instruments are trying to come up for air in a mix that sounds like it was taped in an overcrowded cauldron. You have to strain your ears to make out what is going on. Yes, that's an electric violin, and could that be an upright bass? Darth Vader fan club card carrying members will love this. File under: gothic witch rock.

Rebecca Vernon: guitar, vocals
Sarah Pendleton: electric violin, vocals
Leena Rinne: bass
Bonie Shupe: drums

Strega is released on I Hate Records.

  1. Sugar Creek
  2. Crucible
  3. Christine
  4. Strega
  5. Isaac
  6. Black Joan
  7. The Hours I Keep
  8. Go Down Moses
  9. How To Neglect Your Heart
  10. Self-Rule
  11. Cradles

» subrosaonline.com
» myspace.com/subrosatheatre

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