June 10, 2008

Setting Sun: Children of the World

The cello is not an instrument to be trifled with. The four string classic can add a touch of class to a song, if used wisely. On Children of the World, the new album from Catskills, NY band Setting Sun, is right on the money. The great acoustics pushes this album, which was recorded in a 19th century mansion, to the forefront of greats sounding lo-fi indie pop records. The songs of main man Gary Levitt are about love, loss and loneliness, a dark companion to The OaKS sans the politics. File under: mid-period Nick Cave and Elliot Smith.

Setting Sun are currently on tour in the USA. They will be in Europe in November.

Setting Sun: Children of the World

Children of the World is released on Young Love Records. Buy it CDBaby or download from iTunes.

  1. What We Wanted
  2. No Devil Me No More
  3. How Long
  4. Carry Me Away
  5. Overjoyed
  6. Love My Love
  7. Slob
  8. Not Waste
  9. Inside My Love
  10. Morning Song
  11. Happy Joy

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