June 02, 2008

Jim White: interview on Aquarium Drunkard

Blogger Aquarium Drunkard has posted part 1 of an interview with Jim White. Jim on songwriting:

It’s something you sort of have to do. I remember I was on a panel at South by Southwest, and it was about songwriting, and a guy who was a musician who wanted to learn how to be a better songwriter raised his hand and said ‘what do you do if it’s a beautiful day outside and you’d rather just go walking - you don’t really wanna stay inside and write a song - how do you keep yourself inside to write a song?’ And I said ‘You don’t.’ If you would rather go outside and walk than write a song, you’re probably not a songwriter. You’re probably a guy who likes life. If you feel compelled to write, which it’s just a compulsion with me, I just feel like i have to say things - the hard part when you’re starting out is developing a vocabulary for saying what’s in your mind.

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