June 03, 2008

HitchcockGoHome!: You Can Not Be Serious!...

French quintet HitchcockGoHome! create superb shoegaze music with the acoustic gothic alt.country gloss of 16 Horsepower and Werner Ghost Truck. With a leading role for the banjo on their sophomore album You Can Not Be Serious!... they build their tunes adding one color at the time. She's drawing is a song that takes the listener by the hand, showing him rarely explored back roads of indie music. The lyrics have a ring of detachment to them. You can look, but you can not touch. Like they sing in Odd:

we look at your odd face
you're not in the right place
we would never know who you are
we would never see where you are
HitchcockGoHome!: You Can Not Be Serious!...

You Can Not Be Serious!... is an album for the inner circle. Audiophiles and headphone freaks will love it.

Martin Leclerc: guitar, vocals, banjo
Sylvain Taboury: guitar, vocals
Fanny de Prémorel: bass guitar, vocals
Guillaume Roche: guitar
Jean-Christophe Lacassagne: drums

You Can Not Be Serious!... is released on Drunk Dog.

  1. Odd
  2. A dawn for Lanark
  3. Something you can't hide
  4. Fell off the grid
  5. Pale or blue
  6. Where you are
  7. She's drawing
  8. Naked in a crowd
  9. Goodbye

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