June 18, 2008

Coming soon in Utrecht: Gossip, The Wombats, Walter Trout

What's on at the Tivoli in Utrecht, The Netherlands? First of all the Summer Darkness Festival (August 06-10). More interesting handpicked acts by the HCTF staff:

  • 07/01 Vampire Weekend
    muisc bloggers pet band
  • 07/02 Band Of Horses
    a lot louder in concert than on record -- you've been warned
  • 07/03 Xavier Rudd
    One-man surfer dude band
  • 07/15 DeVotchKa
    Kletzmer post-punk folky balkan beat
  • 08/07 Echo & The Bunnymen
    Vintage eighties new wave
  • 08/07 Joan As Policeman
    Singer with a message
  • 08/27 Gossip
    DIY alterna dance punk
  • 09/25 The Wombats
    Sunny UK indie
  • 10/28 Lampchop
    Sweet dreams, kind of
  • 11/08 Walter Trout
    Underrated blues maestro

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