May 26, 2008

Walter Trout: The Outsider

Walter Trout is an underestimated guitar player with a beautiful tone. Having the "former sideman of John Mayall" featuring prominently in his resume has put him in the blues niche for life. His new album is the aptly titled The Outsider. Yeah, there is blues on it, and rock, so yeah some blues rock as well, but it deserves wider attention and recognition. He needs just a couple of notes fed through his Mesa Boogie amp to make it perfectly clear that he is up there with the likes of Warren Haynes and Mick Taylor and sometimes even Rory Gallagher.

Walter Trout: The Outsider

The Outsider is released on Provogue Records.

  1. Welcome To The Human Race
  2. The Next Big Thing
  3. All My Life
  4. The Love Song Of J. Alfred Bluesrock
  5. Don't Wanna Fall
  6. Child Of Another Day
  7. Turn Your Eyes To Heaven
  8. The Restless Age
  9. Gone Too Long
  10. A Matter Of The Heart
  11. Can't Have It All
  12. Sanjay
  13. The Outsider

Walter Trout goes on an extensive tour in the USA, Canada and Europa.


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