May 05, 2008

The Zombies: The Zombies and Beyond

There are three kinds of singers: singers, vocalists and people with a VOICE. Colin Blunstone is a voice who made The Zombies stand out in the Sixties. The other resident über musician in that band was Rod Argent who brought Bach, Stravinsky, Ravel and Bartok to the fore in popular music.

The Zombies' compilations can take half a shelf in you collection, so do you need another? Well ... The Zombies and Beyond is a handy collection for the newbie and good enough to lure the geeks. All the major Zombies tracks are on it, plus the best of Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent tracks (and sadly also the truly awful Old and Wise, a song that Blunstone sang with the Alan Parsons project).

The Zombies and Beyond is released on Universal. Release date: June 2.


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