May 03, 2008

The Time Of The Assassins: Awake In Slumberland

The Time Of The Assassins: Awake In Slumberland

Dark stuf form Australia. Post-punk trio The Time Of The Assassins travelled to the States to lay down their album Awake In Slumberland at Electrical Audio in Chicago. They got Steve Albini to handle the production and mixing. No wonder it still sounds LOUD when you turn the volume down. The Time Of The Assassins are not afraid to take the listener on an extensive tour, The Return runs for nearly 16 minutes and Mad A manages to hold your full attention for 8 minutes plus.

Awake In Slumberland will be picked up by those who are into the Sisters of Mercy in their Floodlands days and the latter day output by Siouxsie. They are on tour in the States right now. Wear black.

Live dates:
  • 05/05 Dipiazza, Long Beach, CA
  • 05/15 The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA
  • 05/18 Angels Road House, Yucaipa / Apple Valley, CA
  • 05/25 Luna Lounge, Brooklyn, NY
  • 05/26 Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY
  • 05/28 Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ
  • 05/29 Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn, NY
  • 05/30 Lit Lounge, New York, NY

Awake In Slumberland is released on Kiddiepunk Records.


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