May 15, 2008

The New Frontiers: Mending

The New Frontiers from Dallas, Texas, are a subdued outfit who build their songs with patience and care. No poses and brouhaha, just letting the songs breathe with ease. You might pigeonhole them as a shoegaze pop band. They are a true indie band, independent and original.

The New Frontiers: Mending

If you would put Wilco and Whiskeytown into a blender, add some Ray Davies smartness for the lyrics and you get an idea what they sound like. Music geeks will love them, music bloggers will praise them, the general public will ignore them - they cannot recognize quality even when it spits them right between the eyes.

The New Frontiers:
Nathan Pettijohn: vocals, guitar
Ryan Henry: bass, vocals
Jacob Chaney: guitar, vocals
Guy Turner: keyboard, vocals
Alex Bhore: drums

Mending is distributed through The Militia Group. Buy it here.


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