May 12, 2008

The Band Of Heathens: The Band Of Heathens

The Band Of Heathens started off as a side-project for five musicians from Austin, Texas. With a penchant for Southern Rock they quickly build a following and released a live album and a live DVD in 2007. Their self-titled debut is an album made with confidence - recorded quickly they tear through theirs songs like a freight train, at top speed only slowing down to refuel. With a three-man front line sharing vocal duties they can use a different mode for each song and still maintain a rock solid common ground, Yes, you probably have heard it all before. Who cares? If you like the Allmann's and The Black Crowes this album will do nicely.

The Band Of Heathens

The Band Of Heathens:
Colin Brooks: guitar, dobro, lapsteel, vocals
Ed Jurdi: guitar, keys, harmonica, vocals
Gordy Quist: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Seth Whitney: bass, vocals
John Chipman: drums, percussion

  1. Don't Call On Me
  2. Jackson Station
  3. Maple Tears
  4. Heart On My Sleeve
  5. Second Line
  6. 40 Days
  7. This I Know
  8. Unsleeping Eye
  9. Cornbread
  10. Nine Steps Down
  11. Hallelujah

The Band Of Heathens is released on their own imprint Band Of Heathens Records. Buy it here. Release date: May 20th.


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