May 14, 2008

Soundside: Seconds From Sunrise

Soundside is a clean cut band from Glen Cove, NY. Their new album Seconds From Sunrise is filled with radio friendly unit shifters with just enough bite to get them some love from the alternative rock stations.

Key tracks on Seconds From Sunrise are Avenge This, with start with a grumbling bass line a la Nirvana, and Driving On Empty, which is a mashup of mid-period Iron Maiden and a power pop anthem from the Bad English variety.

Soundside: Seconds From Sunrise

Rich Arcati: vocals
Dan Reardon: lead guitar, vocals
Matt Fox: bass
Karina McMahon: drums

Seconds From Sunrise is released on Mystery Sound Records.

MP3: Soundside - Avenge This
MP3: Soundside - Driving On Empty


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